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Latest News 17 May 2019 | The first time Sarah De-Viell ever attended a surgery as a nursing student she passed out and had to be carried out of the operating room.

Mercifully, these days the Nurse Educator, People and Professional Development is not so squeamish and loves attending surgeries but she understands it can be daunting for many people, even other hospital staff.

That’s why she was happy to help demystify the tools of the trade at a special display of the Medicine and Surgical Teams in recognition of International Nurses and International Midwives Day.

Among the selection of surgical instruments on display were several kinds of retractors and numerous pairs of scissors of varying strengths, forceps and suction tools.  

Mrs De-Viell, who trained in London, says the display also provides an opportunity for non-surgical nurses to learn what happens in surgery. That way they can better care and understand the needs of their patients when they are back on the ward.

A common misconception of surgical staff is “that we’re all scary,” she says, adding she hopes this event will help to shift that perception.

As well as the Medicine and Surgical display, other nursing teams showcased their work this week, including Acute and Primary Care, Kidz First and Women’s Health, Maaori and Pacific Health and Mental Health and Adult Rehabilitation and Health of Older People teams.

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