Omicron impacts Community Health Service – ‘things will look different but we’re in this together’

Omicron cases are increasing throughout our rohe and our Community Health Service are not immune to its impacts.

We are experiencing some staff shortages due team members becoming unwell, being required to self-isolate as a close contact, or having to look after unwell dependents.

Rest assured our teams will continue to provide you with the treatment you need but this may look and feel different to what you are used to.

For example:

  • We may not be able to see you within the first two days of your leaving hospital - in those cases we will have worked with the hospital to ensure you are sent home with enough supplies to manage any post-surgical wounds.
  • We may need to increase the amount of days between each visit.
  • We may need to have our health care assistants complete visits instead of our nurses.
  • Our nurses will speak with you and your whaanau about the possibility of using different products which could enable our nurses to not need to visit as regularly.
  • We may also look to how you and/or your whaanau could assist with self-managing in between nurses visits.
  • We may need to ask your whaanau to help with overseeing exercise programmes as well as supporting you with the provision of essential personal care (if you are completing a reablement programme).

We are expecting that this will be for a limited time – namely while the community is experiencing a significant Omicron surge – but remember that the service can be contacted 7 days a week and any concerns will be escalated to a senior nurse, physiotherapist, or occupational therapist as required.

We appreciate this is a difficult time for you and your whaanau and friends - please remember that our policy is in place to ensure all our patients are safe.

Yes, things will be different but remember that we are all in this together - so above all be kind.

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