Patrick Long – The road home

Patrick describes coming back to CM Health as ‘returning home’ and we wanted to find out - what else apart from his work drives Patrick – the answer – a 1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass named “Tammy”.

Patrick bought Tammy last year, not long after he returned to CM Health in 2019 as Project Director – Service Delivery and now as the General Manager for Infrastructure Development.

“It’s always been my dream to own a classic car. She is pretty much in original condition although she has had her interior and wheels done by the previous owner. I’m pretty proud of her - she may be the only two-door pillarless version in New Zealand. “he says. 

With summer on the way, and hopefully boarders reopening, Patrick is looking forward to returning to car shows, like the Beach Hop which he went to in March this year.  

“It’s an incredible feeling to participate in an event with over 1000 other American cars. 

“It’s about bringing together people who share the same dreams and vision – just like our work really.”

Patrick started working at CM Health in 2007 and says he quickly came to appreciate the culture of collegiality and sense of ‘doing this together’ that he had not experienced at the previous DHB he worked for.

After leaving to become an Independent Contractor working with other healthcare providers, it reinforced to him what the CM Health culture is. 

“I was called back for a ‘quick’ piece of work on the ‘Grow Manukau’ project and within a week I was fully immersed back ‘home’.

“I was happy to return here to use and share my knowledge of managing large facility development projects.”

We are glad you came home Patrick!

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Thanks for sharing your story Patrick. 

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