Planned Care taskforce chaired by Counties Chief Medical Officer

The Minister of Health has announced a taskforce to address the challenges of planned care that will be chaired by Counties Manukau Health Chief Medical Officer Dr Andrew Connolly.

Dr Connolly says the taskforce has the skills and experience to make recommendations that will be effective to all New Zealanders.

“It is my privilege to Chair this taskforce to provide advice to an issue that is important to all New Zealanders.

“We are underway with considering the current situation recognising that the health system is under pressure.”

The Taskforce will identify issues and opportunities, including those that offer rapid benefits.

“We have already recognised a number of common themes in our discussions especially related to clinical consistency, a more patient-focused approach and the need to learn from the past especially in relation to how the health system best engages with patients and communities.

“We want to capitalise on work underway in some regions that could be scaled up to benefit more New Zealanders

We believe our initial work aligns with the on-going development of the NZ Health Plan and reflects the Health Plan’s strong focus on equity. “

The taskforce will provide recommendations to Health New Zealand and the Maori Health Authority for implementation, further investigation and advice on investment.

You can read Minister of Health’s, Hon Andrew Little, press release here.

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