Providing culturally responsive maternal and newborn care: Aotearoa Patient Safety Day 2021

Today, 17 November, is Aotearoa Patient Safety Day, Te Rā Haumaru Tūroro o Aotearoa, and the focus for the Health & Quality Safety Commission (HQSC) this year is maternal and newborn safety, focusing on safe and culturally responsive care.

"Culturally responsiveness is essential in providing quality and equitable maternity care to all whaanau, alongside supporting pregnant people's overall health and wellbeing during pregnancy," says Christina Mallon, Counties Manukau Health's Chief Midwife. 

HQSC has created five videos featuring whaanau and midwives sharing their stories about giving and receiving culturally responsive care.

"Positive maternity care looks different for different people, and having open discussions with pregnant people and their whaanau about want they need and what is important to them goes a long way," Christina says. 

“The Counties Manukau population is diverse and vibrant with strong cultural values, and we are committed to providing equitable and compassionate evidence-based care that is culturally appropriate. Raising health professionals' awareness of the importance of cultural responsiveness, and supporting each other to identify potential biases that can affect maternity care can improve outcomes for all parents and babies." 

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