Rapid testing for COVID-19 starts at Middlemore

Today Director General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield has announced a pilot of rapid antigen testing is to commence at Middlemore Emergency Department.

Rapid Antigen Testing will improve the ability to more quickly detect the presence of COVID-19 virus. The Ministry of Health has purchased 100,000 test kits and Middlemore Hospital will commence piloting the use of the quick testing kits in their Emergency Department from tomorrow.

“We welcome this pilot of rapid testing for our emergency patients at Middlemore. It will help us in the care of patients who need our help” says Chief Medical Officer Dr Peter Watson.

“Overnight we have had another patient test positive for COVID-19 in our emergency department. This is expected and our procedures are working well to have identified and isolate this patient. We anticipate that antigen testing is another defensive mechanism for us and our fight against the spread of the Delta variant.

“Rapid Antigen Tests will give us test results much more quickly, adding strength to our current screening procedures to ensure the right care is given for patients and at the same time reduce the risk of transmission to other patients” he says.

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