Scott building remediation progressing well

Latest News Thursday 28 May 2020 | More than half of the recladding on Middlemore’s Scott building has progressed with completion due in 2021.

The 11-stage Scott Remediation project began in June 2019 to address issues about weather tightness that were originally identified in 2012.

The project was delayed during Level 4 of the COVID-19 response, but is now progressing and back on schedule, according to General Manager, Facilities Engineering and Asset Management Anton Venter.

The new cladding is a high pressure laminate (HPL) which is a high quality, modern building material favoured by architects as an exterior cladding solution.

As part of the remediation project, sewer stacks in the Scott building will be replaced and windows on levels 4 and 5 will be refurbished. Passive fire protection, ie, the way construction is designed to delay and prevent the spread of fire and smoke, is also being upgraded under the project.

The work is being carried out while ensuring the hospital remains fully functional and there is minimal disruption to staff and patients.



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