State of the art mobile theatre helps to meet demand

Latest News 8 February 2019 | Counties Manukau patients have benefited in recent weeks from access to a state of the art mobile operating theatre that’s helped to meet demand over the summer holiday period.

The SuperClinic at Manukau played host to the mobile surgical bus unit for a number of weeks, providing low risk day surgery services in specialist areas including orthopaedics, gynaecology and general surgery.

The surgical bus is the brainchild of Canterbury-based Mobile Health, which has for the past 17 years, worked in partnership with the Ministry of Health and District Health Boards.

A team made up of a nurse leader, clinical nurse and anaesthetic technician travel with the bus, which is kitted with a full mobile state of the art theatre, with local staff assisting.

Service Manager Mark Casey says the bus is usually in demand as it does a lot of work with rural communities.

“We normally look to book in the bus for the holiday season based on our requirements and because there are specialists that come as part of this service, it means we are not taking up capacity at the SuperClinic, ensuring we can address the needs of more people,” he explains.

“It’s pleasing that we’ve been able conduct around 141 procedures over the Christmas and new year period which has helped local patients receive treatment in a timely manner.  The feedback that we’ve received is that patients appreciate they’re getting the help they need.” 


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Bus Facts

Designed and manufactured in NZ, the bus is a modern, fully equipped operating theatre that can operate standalone or connected to a host site for essential services. 

The bus is:

  • 42 tonnes in weight
  • 4.2 metres high
  • 20 metres long
  • The environmental control system changes the air at least 20 times per hour

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