Strength and Balance classes - Frank's story

Latest news 21 February 2019 | After a fall last year, South Auckland local Frank Toru started tai chi classes to build his strength and balance. ​Check out his story in the video below.

People over 65, have a one in three chances of falling, and between 10% and 20% of these falls result in an injury such as a hip fracture and often a long recovery after a stay in hospital. A hip fracture for someone aged 80 or over is associated with a 33% chance of entering residential care, and a 20% chance of dying within 12 months. 

Counties Manukau Health is participating in a nationwide movement to reduce falls and fractures, and support older people to 'Live Stronger for Longer'. Community Group Strength and Balance classes are available throughout Counties Manukau. For information on what classes are available in Counties Manukau, please vist the Live Stronger For Longer website.

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