Supporting our future workforce

CM Health is proud to be a teaching hospital – meaning we help train the next generation of Health professionals.

Like many things, lockdown has affected our ability to host placement students on placement, but thanks to the hard work of our People and Professional Development team we have been able to welcome 77 Nursing students this week. Our Medical and MRT students also commenced their clinical placements last week.

Guidelines have been put into place to ensure the students safety, so they won’t be placed in areas deemed COVID-19 pathways or areas that aren’t able to support them.

“We would like to place a huge shout out of thanks to those areas who are supporting the return of students today – this includes all of Mental Health and Mental Health Community Settings who host students. 

“We would also like to acknowledge the support of those areas who are unable to return students at the moment. We know it is not a matter of not wanting to support them, but from a perspective of not being able to provide the appropriate support for their return – right now.

“This is however a constantly evolving situation and we will keep on keeping on with returning students as situations allow.  The effort to date though has been absolutely amazing and needs to be acknowledged and celebrated.” says Jenny Parr, Chief Nurse and Director of Patient and Whaanau Experience.

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