Sustainable Summer

This summer you could consider making some small sustainable changes, to help make a real difference to our planet and your health.

The warmer weather makes it a great time to be outside, getting stronger and healthier, while looking after our lovely planet.

Why not make it your new years resolution to take small steps towards sustainable choices?

Check out some simple sustainability tips below:


  • Instead of driving, why not walk or cycle to your local park, beach, swimming pool, friends or dairy?  Small changes like walking to the dairy or shops is a great way to get you body moving and improve your health.
  • Exploring Auckland on a train or a bus can be fun too, and while public is transport is half price until January 2023, it’s a very inexpensive way to travel. Choose a destination that you can team up with a bush walk or waterfront walk and enjoy the change of scenery.
  • The heat makes us thirsty – so choose water over other drinks and take your recyclable drink bottle with you. Buy (or gift) aluminium, glass, or steel reusable drink bottles rather than buying drinks packaged in single-use plastic.

  • Pack your own snacks and fruit to go and you’ll reduce waste and save yourself some money too. Don’t forget to fill your water bottle before you leave.

Summer parties and BBQs:

  • Use reusable plates and cutlery. 
  • Don’t buy new decorations each year – reuse the ones you have.  Try creating your own decorations from carboard or other sustainable materials.
  • Paint pinecones for a lovely centrepiece for the table. Get the kids to help paint them.

Christmas Gifts:

  • Consider sustainable gifts this Christmas - zero-waste items can include keep cups, food storage bags, beeswax wraps, mesh produce bags, and metal straws.
  • Got too much new stuff over Christmas? Why not donate items in good condition to charity stores, vets, animal shelters, and refugee and other shelters.

Grow your own:

  • If you have holidays and some spare time, why not try starting your own vege garden? Peas, beans, cucumber, tomatoes, strawberries and capsicum are just some of the delicious things you can grow that will make for a fresh and delicious summer harvest. 

  • While composting can be done year-round, it’s often easier in the summer as the sun helps give it a boost, and you can maintain your compost pile along with the garden. 
  • How about getting involved with tree planting, weeding or pest control programmes, a great way to get outdoors, stretch your legs and do something important for your community and the environment.

Choosing sunscreen?

  • A large amount of sunscreen ends up in the ocean and is not good for the world’s ocean reefs. Choose Non-nano and mineral sunscreens.

  • Use rub-on lotions – lotions rather than sprays are less likely to be washed into the ocean.


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