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Take care these holidays and avoid trips to the Emergency Department

Media Release 23 December 2019 |It’s the festive season and that means our community will be making the most of long summer days including visiting whaanau and friends, barbeques, trips to the beach, and enjoying some Christmas cheer.

CM Health wishes everyone a relaxing and festive break, but as Middlemore Hospital remains under pressure as a result of the essential role it is playing in the coordination and care of burns patients affected by the Whakaari/White Island volcanic eruption, we urge everyone to keep safe this summer.

CM Health has already postponed 220 elective surgeries since the eruption and by the end of January we expect to have postponed potentially more than 600 surgeries.

Dr Pete Watson, Chief Medical Officer, says it’s important that people take care during the holidays.

“This is the time of year when is the hospital is more likely to see  injured people as a result of road accidents, drinking too much alcohol, diving into shallow water, or burns from their barbeques.

“By taking a bit of extra care whilst out and about, our community can help keep the number of patients needing care at the hospital to a minimum.”

There are a few simple tips that could help reduce the number of presentations to ED:

  • Ease up on the drink
    • Don’t drink and drive
    • Swap the next drink for water
    • Swap the next drink for food
    • Skip the next round 
  • Water Safety
    • Don’t jump or dive into water unless you're sure it is safe
    • Wear a life jacket when you are on a boat
    • Take care on rocks if fishing
    • Keep an eye on children
    • Never swim alone
  • BBQ safety
    • Check for gas leaks
    • Keep your grill clean
    • Never leave your BBQ unattended
  • Drive safely
    • Take regular breaks
    • Drive to the conditions
    • Stick to the speed limit
    • Don’t be distracted by things around you (radio, phone etc)

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