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The Travel Better Group (TBG) is a subset of the Environmental Advisory Group (EAG) and was formed to provide a dedicated focus to the CM Health South Auckland Transportation Strategy.

The group is chaired by John Cartwright (GM – ED, Critical Care Complex & Middlemore Central) and has seven members: Rob Burrell, David Galler, Helen Polley, Parekawhia McLean, Stella Welsh, and Clinton Pinto.

Their objective is to support the development of a transport plan with sustainability, resilience, and the environment as key drivers. The South Auckland Transport plan will be designed to help improve traffic flow and safety, increase the use of public and active transport (cycling, walking); and improve the health of the community by providing and encouraging safe active transport options that are inclusive of:

  • Equity
  • Social Responsibility
  • Efficiency
  • Affordability

The TBG works with the community, Maaori and Pacific leaders, health providers and other South Auckland employers, to find solutions to South Auckland transportation issues.

“Counties Manukau is one of South Auckland’s largest employers and, as such, we have a responsibility to develop a sustainable approach to transportation in South Auckland to benefit our employees and the greater public too.“ says John Cartwright who chairs the TBG group.


John cartwright

John Cartwright

Rob Burrel

Rob Burrell

Clinton Pinto

Clinton Pinto

Helen Polley

Hello Polley

Parekawhia McLean

Parekawhia McLean

Stella Welsh

Stella Welsh

david galler

David Galler

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