Thank you and farewell to Consumer Council Chair Rosalie Glynn

Rosalie Glynn (front row, centre) and the CM Health Consumer Council

Rosalie Glynn is a force. A consumer advocate since 2011 and chair of the Consumer Council since 2015, Rosalie has worked tirelessly for a decade advocating ‘for those without a voice’.

“As a group of consumers, we have the privilege of being part of working groups, governance groups, service reviews, and the shaping of projects as they develop,” says Rosalie. “Consumer participation makes health systems better.”

A mum of children with serious long-term medical conditions, Rosalie was encouraged to use her voice to advocate for what they needed.

“My family provided the original motivation to be part of this work. As I supported other parents to do the same, opportunities to influence health outcomes emerged.”

In her role as chair of the consumer council, Rosalie has contributed to the establishment of the Consumer Council itself, Feedback Central, the development of the Healthy Together Strategy, has worked with the Health Quality Safety Commission on the pilot of the Quality Safety Markers, and more recently to the Pae Ora, Code of Consumer Participation work.

“Seeing equity become the lens through which we measure the delivery of effective health care to our community has been something I am most proud of from my time here at CM Health.”

Rosalie and the consumer council has also been involved in the CM Health COVID-19 response, using consumer connections, networks and knowledge to spread key messages and to support the resilience of the community

“As a practice manager of a busy general practice in Papakura Rosalie has seen first-hand the pressure COVID-19 has presented the health community, she says. “I continue to be impressed by the dedication of staff here at Counties, as well as their commitment to make a positive difference in our community of South Auckland.”

Rosalie also credits her family as the original motivators to become a consumer advocate.

Jenny Parr, Chief Nurse and Director of Patient and Whaanau Experience, says Rosalie has been a phenomenal chair and is thankful for the role she has played in leading the consumer council and increasing consumer participation.

“Rosalie sees the big picture. Her sense of the community and serving it has never waned over the years. Her contribution to CM Health has been incredibly valued and she will be missed.”

Rosalie says is has been a privilege contributing to the development of services and making a way for consumer voices to be included across the organisation.

“The consumers I work with [on the council] are warm, vibrant, clever, kind, passionate people who, in spite of their own health challenges, find time and energy to contribute beyond their own personal situations, making a positive difference for those who follow in their footsteps. It has been a privilege to work with them.

“I also count it a privilege to have been given the opportunity to bring a consumer voice to the decision-making table here at Counties. Thank you.”

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