The best leaving gift – Jahden's victory walk

Leaving the ward using a walker may not seem a big deal to many, but to Jadhen Nelson’s whaanau and rehab team, it was the best gift he could have given them! 

Back in April this year, while dismantling scaffolding, 28-year-old Jahden was electrocuted by power lines, suffering severe burns, and left fighting for his life. 

His fight for survival and his courage and bravery has been an inspiration. 

After six and a half long months living at Middlemore Hospital, he leaves us to move to the next stage of his rehabilitation at Auckland Hospital. 

The Friday before, Jadhen took his first supported ‘solo steps’ and as he finally left the ward, was able to do a victory walk using his walker rather than his wheelchair. 

“We’re all so happy,” says his partner Santana who wants to send her appreciation to the National Burns Centre. 

“Jahden and I could not express properly the thanks and gratitude we have for you all after the six and half months we’ve spent here in Middlemore. You became our family, and this place has ultimately become our home. 

“We have so much respect, love, and compassion for every one of you who’ve contributed to the care and wellbeing of Jahden and it is because of you he is still here with me and our children today. We thank you so much!

“Although we’re so happy Jahden has reached this stage of his recovery, we’re sad to leave you all behind. It’s not goodbye but see you soon.”

We wish you all the best in your continued recovery and thank your sharing your story with us Jahden, Santana and family.


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