The vaccine is our best shot at a virus that is taking the world by storm

Peisi Ah Chong - Fanau Ola Nurse Case Manager

Fanau Ola Nurse Case Manager Peisi Ah Chong was one of the first of our frontline staff to get the COVID-19 vaccination. She shares her experience and some words of encouragement.

What was it like getting the covid vaccination?

It was really good. We got there, queued up, answered a few questions, went through and got our vaccine done, waited 20 minutes after, then we could go. It went pretty quick and smooth.

How did you feel after getting the vaccine?

The first dose I just had a bit of an achy arm. The second dose I had a bit more of a headache for that day, but after that no issues.

What was the process like?

There was feeling of uncertainty, but the staff at the vaccination centre offered a lot of reassurance; I didn’t feel rushed at all. They were kind and welcoming.

What advice would you give to people about getting the covid vaccine?

The vaccine is our best shot at a virus that is literally taking the world by storm.

It not only protects us but those vulnerable people who can’t get the vaccine, so creating herd immunity.

I would encourage our families to get the vaccine. I know it can be a little scary, but rest assured there are a lot of us that have already been vaccinated and we’re good.

There’s a lot of credible information out there like on the Ministry of Health website and the Unite Against Covid website. For our staff, information is available on Paanui, for example the webinars, which are helpful.

Read up – do your credible research. Don’t just dwell in uncertainty.

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