Traditional fare on the menu at Middlemore Hospital

Traditional fare on the menu at Middlemore Hospital

Christmas is about a lot of things. For most people one of those things is food. So what’s on the menu for the Middlemore patients who find themselves in hospital on the 25 of December?

Come Christmas Day about 700 people will still tuck into festive fare starting with a morning tea of a mince pie to go with their cuppa. Lunch will stay traditional with a choice of ham and cranberry sauce and gravy, roast chicken breast, or a spinach and feta filo parcel, alongside mashed or roast potatoes, roast pumpkin and garden peas. The meal will end on a sweet note with a choice of plum pudding and custard, chocolate mint mousse with cream or fruit salad and ice cream.

The holiday theme will continue through to the light evening meal with the patient’s choice of ham and mild mustard sandwich on rye, a chicken salad plate or vegetable lasagne with side salad, along with bread and spreads and a tropical coconut mango cream.

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