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Free Whooping Cough Booster

The whooping cough vaccine is available free for pregnant women living in the Counties Manukau region from 28- 38 weeks gestation and new mothers up to two weeks after delivery and needs to be repeated for EVERY pregnancy to protect the unborn baby. If you would like further information please discuss with your Midwife or GP. Please visit your GP surgery for your free immunization.

For further helpful information on the whooping cough vaccine please click here to the Immunisation Advisory Centre website.

Infant Safe Sleeping

Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI) is when a baby who was considered to be well, dies suddenly and unexpectedly. SUDI can be further divided into deaths that remain unexplained after considering all factors deaths from other reasons (like heart disease, meningitis, pneumonia or other infectious diseases), and finally the largest group, where an unintentional suffocation – a problem with breathing has occurred during sleep in an unsafe position or place.  SUDI is the leading cause of preventable death of babies in the first year of life. 

Many of these baby deaths are preventable if whaanau follow the PEPE messages:

pepe image

For more information on SUDI see the following resources:

Counties Manukau Health Smokfree Service is FREE and open to anyone who want to quit smoking.
Freephone 0800 569568 to find out more about the support available.


Give your baby the best start in life. Quit now. 

smokefree preganancyIf you are pregnant, quitting smoking is one of the best decisions you will ever make for you and your baby.

When you smoke, poisons enter your bloodstream, than pass through the placenta to baby.  This puts baby at risk of numerous health problems including glue ear, asthma, leukemia and Sudden Unexplained Death in infancy (SUDI).

Newborn DVD: Look at you, Aroha Atu, Aroha Mai

'Look At You, Aroha Atu, Aroha Mai' is an initiative of Counties Manukau Health.

The DVD is aimed at helping parents, whaanau and professionals understand and respond to the social and emotional needs of babies, in the first three months of life.  

The DVD is given to every family/whaanau who delivers a newborn baby in Counties Manukau via the Lead Maternity Carers (LMCs). Click here for view video via vimeo.

Diabetes in pregnancy

If you have diabetes or if it is found during your pregnancy this service will manage this side of your care. Midwives, obstetricians, diabetologists, and dietitians all work to help you control your diabetes. Your LMC or community midwife will usually provide basic midwifery care too.

After baby is born it's important to stay smokefree.  The first six weeks is a time many women find challenging.  Even if you don't smoke around baby, poisons from the cigarettes will stay in your clothes and hair.  Baby will be exposed to these.

Talk to your doctor, midwife, nurse or freephone 0800 569568.

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