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Counties Manukau Health midwives work in both community and in hospital settings. 

Women are free to choose the type of service which is appropriate and acceptable to them.  Regular pregnancy checks by a midwife, GP or obstetrician (specialist) are the best way to get a health baby.


I love being a Midwife; I have the privilege of being directly involved in such a treasured life event for many Mums and whānau. Specifically, working in the birthing unit I get to witness (and be a close part of) the great sense of accomplishment that is childbirth. No matter how many births I attend, it never gets old -I still find every birth and baby an exciting miracle. 

An example of why I love my job is when a Mum holds their newborn in their arms for the first time; the emotions they feel are contagious. Giving birth has got to be the hardest yet most empowering thing a woman can do, so helping women through this gives me a great sense of accomplishment, relief, joy and satisfaction. Likewise, although I am familiar with the sound of a newborn's first cry, it is a sound that each time gives me a feeling of content happiness. 

The variety and length of experience I have gained at Counties Manukau Health is indefinite. I have grown from a competent to confident midwife and this is one of the main reasons I look forward to coming to work. I get excited (as well as sometimes challenged) by whatever comes through the door.  I have learnt that no mum, baby, labour or birth is the same and that Counties Manukau Health has opened up my eyes to a community that requires individualised, family friendly, culturally appropriate maternity care consequently teaching me the importance of keeping the woman and whānau at the centre.

Whilst working here I have also learnt the importance of team work. CM Health and specifically our Middlemore Birthing Unit is a very supportive, safe and social team. It is an environment where you can always ask questions and help is only a call bell/phone call away. At CM Health Midwives are not only valued by the women and whānau but they are also valued by our Doctors as well as a well-rounded multidisciplinary Woman's Health team.

At CM Health I feel that I am in a position where I can really make a difference. We are on the forefront of maternity care and Midwifery education. Up to date research leads our best practice, however it is a place where innovation and individualised care is both encouraged and supported. As a Midwife at Middlemore Birthing and Assessment I am able to constantly up-skill and challenge myself in a supportive and safe environment.  My role varies so vastly day to day and I can provide everything from primary to tertiary Midwifery care. Some days I am a primary care Midwife where my main tools include support, reassurance and positional techniques to help coach a transitional woman through the end of her labour. Other days I am caring for high risk women and babies with multiple complexities. This requires me to closely observe, quickly recognise, act, involve and even coordinate a multidisciplinary team whilst still advocating and keeping the women and whānau at the centre and in control of her care. One the contrary, some days, all I need to do is listen to the grand multip who may have been 4cm on VE two minutes ago but is now telling me the head is right there (all with a calm smile on her face).


Why have I continued to work at Counties Health since 1997?

It’s undeniably because of the PEOPLE – the families, the health care team and the community spirit, both inside and outside the facilities.

Having completed my midwifery training as a mature student and mother of six, it was strongly recommended to me by a wise midwifery mentor, to look at working as a core midwife, whilst my children were still young. Furthermore she insisted that it should be Middlemore Hospital because of its midwifery-led focus.

18 years later, there are no regrets – the opportunity to gain that new graduate position back then has led to an amazing midwifery career at Counties Manukau Health.

My experience has seen me in roles throughout all the midwifery areas from the Maternity Wards, Birthing & Assessment, Community Midwives, Case-loading Team, Botany Downs Primary Unit and now in operational and clinical management.  

I have also witnessed the many changes in the organisation, from the total renovation of the WW II army hospital to the laminated rainbow that runs through the contemporary buildings that stand today.

Maternity services in South Auckland have undergone many changes in so many innovative ways and I feel fortunate and humbled to be part of its re-modelling.  

One of the key improvements for our families has been the increase in breastfeeding rates - an enormous benefit to new-borns starting life and for development beyond, hence our service throughout is baby Friendly Hospital Initiatives (BFHI) accredited. In 2010 CM Health supported me to achieve my lactation consultant qualification.  Together with clinical development, CM Health has enabled me to take on roles of leadership.

I have also witnessed the many changes in the organisation, from the total renovation of the WW II army hospital to the laminated rainbow that runs through the contemporary buildings that stand today. 

Middlemore is well known as a teaching hospital so guidelines, policies and protocols are founded in best practice.  Students can rely on gaining a wide range of learning, not only because of the generosity of the women & families, but because of the accommodating staff.  The in-house training courses on offer in our purpose built education centre are a point of difference to other institutions, as is the very robust new graduate programme and the orientation for new to service recruits. 

As a charge midwife manager, I enjoy the interaction with all the team members from the cleaners to the obstetric team.  Networking is essential and everyone is valued.

Counties PEOPLE are approachable – the culture of the organisation is naturally caring but the support shown for each other is definitely inclusive. I am honoured daily to be working with my colleagues who strive to always to place the women and their babies at the centre of our care.

Graduate Midwives 2017
Midwife Graduates
Midwife Graduates

“Counties Manukau health has a great reputation as the best place to be a core Midwife, you can gain a broad range of experience during first few years that no other organisations can offer. We see people come from different demographics and you gain confidence through experience quickly, especially given the volumes. Our application process was also well organised and supported with a quick turnaround time. We believe we are professionally established to grow our career in different areas of midwifery”