A Middlemore Hospital Romance

Arriving at the nurses living quarters at Middlemore Hospital, John McKenzie, and his friend were waiting patiently in the foyer for their dates to get ready when Robyn, a 19-year-old nurse, and her friend sat down to chat with them and keep them company.

Well, it must’ve been a great conversation, because the next night John was back to take Robyn out on their first date and as they say, the rest is history.

Image: John and Robyn 

Following that lucky meeting in 1958, John and Robyn married and their daughter, Pip, also shares a connection to Middlemore, working as a pharmacist at Counties Manukau Health for 15 years.

Robyn often shares stories about her time at Middlemore with Pip.

“We had such fun working and living at Middlemore Hospital as nurses, and I have really great memories of the people and those times,” says Robyn.

“When I visit there, I would show Pip where we used to bike together and tell her our stories.”

The McKenzie connection to Middlemore Hospital now spans three generations. Not only is it where Robyn and John met and Pip works, but it is where Pip had her daughter, Immy.

“It is a lovely feeling working where a part of your family history took place,” says Pip.

“Middlemore is more than just a hospital. It is where many of our community and staff hold cherished memories of their loved ones and it is something that those who work here show their respect for every day.”

Image: Pip, Robyn, Jimmy, and Immy (front). 

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