Visiting Te Whatu Ora - Counties Manukau Health care facilities

“Haumaru te taonga - Keeping our treasures safe”

We know whaanau plays an important role in our patients' recovery and by working together, we can keep your loved ones safe while fulfilling our legal obligations of care.

When you visit:

Visitors are asked not to enter our facilities if they or anyone in their household has COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms, or if they are currently advised to isolate.

Disposable medical grade face masks must be worn when inside our facilities. If you do not have one, we can provide one for you to use. Reusable cloth masks, scarves, bandannas, or t-shirts cannot be used when visiting a health facility.

Visitors with service or guide dogs are permitted if they comply with hospital policy and other local guidelines.

Home-cooked food can only be delivered directly to patients by visitors. It cannot be left to be collected.

General Policy:

We will support patients to have a maximum of three visitors at any one time between 8am and 8pm.

One visitor can visit overnight (8pm-8am) if prearranged with the ward charge nurse or midwife manager.

Generally, children under 15 should not visit healthcare facilities. Visits from under 15-year-olds must be agreed in advance with the ward charge nurse or midwife manager. They must be supervised at all times.

Some services such as Emergency, Critical Care, Maternity, Neonatal, Paediatrics, Dialysis, Mental Health, and others have different guidelines.

It is best to check with your whaanau member’s care team before you visit i.e. the ward charge nurse or midwife manager.

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