Important: Our visiting policy has changed. Check here for more information.

CM Health has introduced flexible visiting.

  • Visiting hours for family/whaanau are 2pm – 8pm. Two visitors per patient at any one time during visiting hours.
  • Patients may have one key support person who may visit between 8am – 8pm This will be restricted to adults only.
  • Overnight visiting (8pm – 8am) for the key support person will be considered under compassionate grounds only.
  • No children under 16 years unless approved under compassionate grounds.

Examples of compassionate considerations are:

  • The acuity of the patient (non-acute, acute but stable, acute – unstable, palliative) critically ill or dying or
  • Being on the AMBER Care or Manawanui pathway or
  • An admission (or combination of admissions) has been for a prolonged period eg: more than 7 days or
  • a requirement for additional emotional or psychosocial support and care from family/whaanau beyond what technology can provide or technology is not available or appropriate or
  • special care and support needs due to a disability
  • The age and / or vulnerability of the patient eg children under 15, new mothers, the disabled, the confused, level of distress.
  • The patient has communication needs to facilitate day to day care (not to be confused with interpreting).
  • The impact on the safety and comfort of other patients.
  • Circumstances which may limit the ability family / whaanau to visit during usual visiting times because of work / family responsibilities, living out of town etc.
  • Carers who need to attend for education to support discharge planning and process

Service Exceptions

Neonatal Unit

For the Neonatal Unit the overriding principle is that mother and baby are considered as one, i.e. not a baby and a visitor.


Mother is confirmed with COVID-19 and baby in Neonatal Unit

  • Mother cannot visit until she has completed her period of isolation.
  • No visitors.  Use Zoom or similar to maintain contact with parents and wider whaanau.

Mother is non COVID-19 and baby in Neonatal Unit

  • Mother and father (or designated caregiver) can visit baby without restrictions.
  • Daily registration/screening will occur before entry to the Unit
  • One visitor per day between 2.00 and 4.00 pm.
  • Siblings over 5 years of age are permitted to visit between 2.00 and 4.00 pm but must be supervised by an adult.

Paediatric Inpatients

For all children under 15 years of age, both parents are considered primary caregivers. In some instances a primary caregiver may not be the parent (i.e. grandparent, aunty, adult sibling or other appointed caregiver).


Child is suspected/identified with COVID-19

  • Child and primary caregiver(s) go into isolation on the ward.
  • No other visitors. Use Zoom or similar to maintain contact.

Primary caregiver is suspected/identified with COVID-19

  • Child and primary caregiver(s) go into isolation on the ward.
  • Primary caregiver is directed to ED if requiring medical assessment/treatment.
  • No other visitors.  Use Zoom or similar to maintain contact.

Child and primary caregiver are non COVID-19

  • Primary caregiver(s) remain with child during inpatient stay.
  • In a case where there is a sibling of a child with a primary caregiver without any other adult support, the sibling can stay in the room with the patient and caregiver for the duration of the inpatient stay.
  • Between 2.00 and 8.00 pm two visitors (additional to the primary caregivers) can visit and rotation of visitors is permitted. This includes siblings less than 16 years of age.  Visiting siblings must be supervised by an adult.

Emergency Department

Patients may be allowed one support person in the department to assist with diagnosis and treatment. Once disposition in ED has been decided no visitor policy applies including ward and short stay areas.


For Labour and Birth

  • 1 Key Support Person (KSP) and up to 2 other visitors 24 hours

For Antenatal/Postnatal ward areas

  • 1 KSP 8am-8pm + up to 2 visitors 2pm-8pm (can include children). Outside of these hours the KSP can stay or additional visitors attend for compassionate reasons.  This needs to be approved by the Midwife Manager or Shift Coordinator on duty at the time. 

If you are unwell, you must stay at home.

If you are not sure, please feel free to contact us at the numbers listed below:

  • For Information/Visiting Hours: phone (09) 270 4799
  • For Patient Enquiries: phone (09) 276 5004
  • For Tiaho Mai (Acute Mental Health Unit): phone (09) 270 4742


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