More than 600,000 people live in Counties Manukau, many with high health needs, particularly among Maaori and Pacific communities. Over the last two years (2020 and 2021), there were over  926,000 outpatient care appointments in Counties Manukau, with nearly 65 percent of people seen at Manukau Health Park (MHP). This number is forecast to grow by more than 20 percent over the next 10 years.

It's crucial for the Counties Manukau community to have access to the care they need from health services high-quality facilities that support better health and wellbeing.

Major programmes are underway to address this need, led by Dana Ralph-Smith, Executive Leader of Manukau Health Park, and overseen by the Planned Care and Ambulatory Taskforce (PCAT).

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More than a construction project

There are six areas that have been identified as part of the plan to improve accessibility, communication, technology, facilities, staff capacity and overall patient and staff experience. An important part of this project is also reducing the reliance on services at Middlemore Hospital to enable significantly improved care in the community:

Buildings and Spaces programme

We will construct additional building capacity at Manukau Health Park to achieve better health outcomes and reduced inequity. This will involve more cost-effective services and an improved patient, whaanau and staff experience.

Connecting with the Mana Whenua and Community 

Working with Mana Whenua is critical to ensure the local environment is protected and the physical appearance of new building are designed in a way that represents the rich and deep history of the land.

People and Work programme

We will further develop an engaged, resilient, local workforce that deliver outpatient and community specialist health services at Manukau Health Park and in the community.

Optimise Care programme

We will refine clinical services to maximise and sustain patient health benefits while supporting our workforce with appropriate resources and facilities.

Digitally Enable programme

We will introduce improved technology for flexible delivery of the clinical services and effective use of space and time.  This will make sure that staff and physical capacity is optimised.  We will provide accurate, timely data and information to support decision making, measure outcomes and inform resource needs.

Listen and Re-Imagine programme

We will put whaanau and consumer voices at the centre of Grow Manukau and community Care

Just some of the important features of the Build Manukau site redevelopment include:

  • A new building to accommodate radiology
  • A new outpatient renal care centre
  • New breast care and screening services
  • A standalone theatre block with four new theatres
  • 20 post-anaesthesia care unit beds and 4 new theatres
  • A new building to expand ophthalmology and women’s health



The increase in capacity would enable almost 150,000 additional outpatient appointments each year when fully utilised, and more than 3,600 additional surgeries to be performed on site per annum from 2024

The ability to accommodate up to 450 new full time employees across a variety of health services, improving capacity, accessibility and quality of community care.

The benefits

The investment is expected to deliver benefits in three key areas including health equity, patient experiences, and efficiency.

Better health outcomes and improved health equity for all citizens:

  • The waiting time to receive care would be reduced, as the additional capacity would allow earlier appointments and treatment to be offered.
  • Up to 450 new full time employees across a variety of health services will improve the capacity, accessibility, and quality of community care
  • There would be an increase in the care received by Maaori and Pacific people due to overall increased capacity and targeted focus on these priority groups.
  • Improved telehealth services and community outreach will enable improved access to groups who have challenges with time and transport
  • Increased staff numbers, appointment booking systems, and the reconfiguration of building space will enable those with more than one health condition to arrange duel appointments, reducing the need for multiple return visits
  • Facilities designed to meet cultural needs would enhance the sense of wellbeing. Attractive and culturally appropriate spaces would support patients and whaanau to be treated with dignity.

More cost-effective services with reduced pressure on Middlemore Hospital:

  • Increased capacity at MHP would free up space on Middlemore Hospital
  • Relocating ophthalmology from Middlemore to MHP would create a ward space for up to 30 acute beds
  • Counties Manukau would expect reduced future costs of acute hospital care as a result of increased capacity to meet demand earlier.

Improved patient, whaanau and staff experience with MHP services:

  • Patients would have a better experience, with shorter waiting times, services that are better aligned with their needs, and a more fit-for-purpose facility for those who are required to attend the MHP.
  • Staff would benefit from redesigned facilities as these would be better aligned with new ways of working. People with disabilities (both staff and visitors) would benefit from the application of universal design principles to improve the accessibility of the environment.
  • Facilities and ways of working designed to improve coordination, communication, and access to diagnostic services would support health literacy and potentially enable patients to complete their treatment journey at Manukau, a ‘one stop shop’.
20210809 MHP East Building Womens Health and Opthalmology

Caption: Manukau Health Park, East Building


2022: Infrastructure construction complete

2025: Theatres and East building complete

2025: North building complete

2025: Refurbishments and Recladding of the surgical building complete

Working with Mana Whenua

Working with Mana Whenua is critical to ensure the local environment is protected and the physical appearance of new building are designed in a way that represents the rich and deep history of the land.

The site of the Manukau Health Park is part of the traditional and cultural landscape of Puhinui, connected by the waters of Waipuhinui (Puhinui Stream). Waipuhinui flows through the northern section of the site, with one of its tributaries traditionally flowing through the west. As a result, the Manukau Health Park is intimately connected to Waipuhinui and the many waahi tupuna (ancestral sites) of the Puhinui cultural landscape, including Ngaa Matukurua and Te Maanuka.

The team has also worked closely with the community to better understand how to deliver services in a way that caters to diverse views and lifestyles.

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