Pacific health services

Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Kia orana, Fakalofa atu, Halo olgeta, Mauri

Our vision is to implement Fanau Ola to achieve better health and wellbeing for Pacific families.

Our Fanau Ola approach acknowledges the spirit, heart, mana and inherent dignity of Pacific fanau/families.  Through the implementation of Fanau Ola, Pacific families will be supported to build their capacity to transform their lives.

The Fanau Ola approach provides a holistic framework, a tailored pathway for our Pacific, fanau and communities that encompasses many dimensions of family life including their goals; family and social relationships; cultures and languages; physical; mental and emotional health; education; economic contexts and their unique circumstances.

Fanau Ola is realised and achieved when Pacific fanau experience positive health, social, cultural, spiritual, economic and educational outcomes & Pacific fanau are empowered and have the capacity, skills and support to plan and pursue their own futures

Many of our Pacific patients and fanau face challenges and constraints, including poverty, overcrowded housing, a lack of quality education and unemployment that has resulted in poor physical, mental and emotional health outcomes.  Our Fanau Ola approach builds on the special character of Pacific fanau, their values, life principles and protocols of engagement with each other, their local churches and communities.

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