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Te Kaahui Ora Maaori Health Whaanau Ora Service

Whaanau Ora Team
maori statute sits at middlemore entrance
Middlemore Hospital (Western Campus building 38B):

Our service is based at Middlemore Hospital and we respond to Maaori patients and their whaanau who have asked for our support.  Urgent or immediate Whaanau ora support can be offered during a hospital stay and after discharge. Our referral and assessment process allows us to prioritise Maaori patients who may also benefit with additional community support, by receiving Whaanau Ora short-term or long-term care (this can be up to 1 year if needed).  Those identified can include Pepi (from birth), to mama and papa, also rangatahi, pakeke and older patients who have complex health and social needs. 

Our Whaanau Ora workers will make contact with patients we’ve identified and gain consent for our service to work closely with them and their whaanau.  We also work alongside Services within Counties Manukau Health and out in the Community, such as Government agencies, Social services and a multitude of other key services. This enables us to assist in a wide range of support areas such as housing and accommodation, budgeting, employment, advocacy, entitlements, education, health literacy, and engagement with community health providers.

Hearing and Vision Services

Within this service, we also have a trained Hearing & Vision Technician/Community Health Worker who provides hearing and vision screening in Te Kohanga Reo and Kura Kaupapa for tamariki, mokopuna with a focus on Hauora, Tikanga and Te Reo. 

We screen tamariki to identify any hearing and vision problems requiring further assessment and/or treatment.  Referrals from this service can also be made to the Whaanau Ora Services (if deemed necessary) to provide additional support to the whaanau.

How to refer to this service?

All referrals to this service are directed through Te Kaahui Ora Maaori Health Whaanau Ora Service.

Ask ward staff to refer to us during office hours Monday to Friday 8 am to 4 pm or during after-hours, weekends and public holidays refer to the daily operations Duty Manager.

CM Health has adopted the Tainui spelling of Maaori and whaanau where appropriate throughout our website and documents.

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