We have a publicly funded healthcare system for New Zealand citizens and permanent residents. The Government requires that all patients prove they are eligible to receive publicly funded healthcare and that we gather proof of eligibility status from each patient we see. In the case of an emergency, this will be done as soon as possible aftercare. If you are not eligible for publicly funded healthcare you will be charged for your care.

Eligibility for publicly funded health service

New Zealand has a world-leading health system which makes most services available free (or subsidised) to people who meet the eligibility criteria.  Some people in New Zealand don’t qualify to have these services paid for by the New Zealand Government and are required to pay for their healthcare.  

The New Zealand Government strongly recommends visitors and non-eligible people obtain insurance that includes health cover during their stay.

The Ministry of Health has an Eligibility Checklist which we use at the CM Health.  The checklist is only a guide. For more details on each question and advice on information, you need to provide to prove your eligibility, see the “Guide to Eligibility Criteria” on the Ministry of Health website at www.moh.govt.nz/eligibility.

CM Health has an eligibility team who can assist with any patient enquiries including estimates for treatment.  If you have any queries, please email residency@middlemore.co.nz, phone: (09) 276 0060.

What should I bring if I need to prove my eligibility?

Eligibility can often be confirmed by accessing information from government agencies (e.g. other Auckland DHB‘s, Immigration NZ, Department of Internal Affairs). We also ask the referring provider to provide your eligibility proof if they have it on file.

If we need to clarify your eligibility, we may access other government agency information and in doing so, may disclose relevant personal information. If we cannot verify your eligibility by these processes, we will contact you directly. Please do not be offended. This is standard practice for all patients of any background. Even if you are a New Zealand citizen, we are required to confirm your eligibility if we don’t have it already. Once eligibility status has been recorded by us, patients will not usually be asked again.

To make sure we have the correct information, we recommend that a patient brings with them:

  • Passport (including all pages that have a New Zealand immigration stamp or sticker plus the photo page).
  • Your New Zealand birth certificate (and marriage certificate if your last name has changed).
  • Your New Zealand citizen certificate
  • Confirmation of Citizenship or Confirmation of Permanent Residency or other residency status photo identification (if no passport).
  • These details will be recorded in our database.
How do I pay?

If a patient is admitted, the eligibility team will confirm a patient’s eligibility and is able to discuss the cost of treatment and payment while the patient is in hospital. The eligibility team are the only people able to confirm a patient’s eligibility or costs.

A patient will be invoiced as soon as possible after discharge.

We do not invoice Insurance companies.  The insurance coverage is between a patient and their insurance company.  We expect the patient to pay us and claim it back from their insurance company.

If you do not pay your treatment bill the debt will be referred to a debt collection agency. You will be expected to pay for the extra costs that result from the debt collection process. 

Outpatient services are required to be paid in advance. Payments can be made at the Accounts Receivable Office at Middlemore Hospital.  When you pay you will be issued with a receipt which you will be required to present at your appointment.

Methods of payment: EFTPOS, Direct Credit Payment Option.

Below are examples of treatment costs applicable to CM Health for non-eligible patients (prices are subject to change).

Please be advised your account may differ significantly.

  • Emergency Care varies on clinical triage $525 to $1832 plus x-rays and tests
  • Inpatient Stay start from $821 per day
  • Outpatient clinic start from $621 per visit
  • Operation / Surgery start from $3,000
Information Interpreter/translator service

This service is available for people who do not speak English as their first language.  Please ask for an interpreter from the nurse in charge of your care.  CM Health interpreter service is available 24 hours a day and can be used whenever a lack of ability in the English language could restrict understanding of a patient's needs, rights and obligations.  The interpreter service is FREE and provided at no charge to an eligible patient and there are a large number of languages available.

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