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Did you know that drinking any alcohol, at any stage of pregnancy, could hurt your baby?

Pregnancy health warning labels will be mandatory on packaged alcoholic beverages across Aotearoa by 31 July 2023.

But we need our whaanau to know this important message now.

There is no known safe amount or safe time to drink alcohol during pregnancy.

The impacts of drinking while pregnant

No amount of alcohol is safe during any stage of pregnancy. Look after yourself and your whaanau; stop drinking alcohol if you could be pregnant, are pregnant, or are trying to get pregnant.

Aren’t just a couple of drinks ok?

A safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy has not been determined. The best and safest option for you, your baby and whaanau is to avoid alcohol if you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant, or unsure if you are pregnant.

Give baby the best start in life

FASD is preventable. An alcohol-free pregnancy increases the chance of a healthy baby.

Here's some tips on how you can support hapuu mamas

  • Join them or challenge yourself! Support your hapuu loved one by being alcohol-free with them at events, or for the full 9 months
  • Offer non-alcoholic drinks, like a mocktail or soda water and lemon
  • Have non-alcoholic drinks available at events, like non-alcoholic punch
  • Attend or host alcohol-free events and celebrations. Do something different and enjoy activities like going to the beach or park, free events like Music in Parks, mini-golfing or night markets

Some women might be trying for a baby, or in the early days of pregnancy. Whatever the reason, it’s okay to choose not to drink alcohol. If anyone says ‘no’ to a drink, don’t ask why and respect their choice.

You're not alone

It is never too late to stop.

Think you or someone you

care about might need

some support?

  • Talk to your doctor, midwife, or Family Planning.
  • Talk with your whaanau, partner, and friends.
  • Free text or call 1737
  • The Alcohol Drug Helpline is available by:
    Phone 0800 787 797, Text 8681
    or via

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