Requested by: Mental Health Foundation | Response provided: 14/03/2019
Category: Mental Health,Harm to Staff

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, dated 31 January 2019. You requested the following information:

Please provide any statistics or data about the number and nature of violent incidents in hospitals within your DHB within the last five years.

If possible, please provide a breakdown by:

  • 1.Annual number of incidents
  • 2.Type or nature of incident:
  • 3.The type of service they occur in (e.g. emergency departments, mental health units, otherwards).
  • 4.Who was the victim (patient, staff, visitor, etc.) and who perpetrated the violence?
  • 5.When did the incident happen, and at what point in the hospital experience (e.g. 2 p.m.,Sunday 4 Feb 2017, at the time of admission).
  • 6.Where the patient was the perpetrator of a violent incident, how many incidents arereported within 48 hours of that patient being placed in seclusion or restraint
  • 7.Were there any other factors or circumstances that may have contributed to the incident?


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