Requested by: Radio NZ | Response provided: 27/03/2019
Category: Buildings

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, received as a media query on 21 February 2019, and that we advised we would manage under the OIA on 27 February. You noted the following points and requested information on passive fire remediation:

I note the Strategic Assessment Facilities Remediation Programme issued Dec 2017 says:

“…this issue at the Manukau SuperClinic has been resolved, other buildings with suspected noncompliant passive fire protection issues have yet to be fully inspected – specifically Kidz First, McIndoe, and Scott.”

Please release details of any:

Passive fire inspections and findings, and any related recommendations, actions or remediation plans, for any of these 3 buildings, received by CM Health or commissioned by it, subsequent to the above Facilities Remediation Programme report:

• Kidz First Building

• McIndoe Building

• Scott Building


Our response is attached


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