Requested by: Stuff/ Fairfax | Response provided: 29/03/2019
Category: Public Health Services

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, dated 05 March 2019, that we received on transfer from the Ministry of Health.

You requested the following information:

• Data on vaccination coverage and vaccination decline in your DHB area for the past four years(2015-2018) and so far this year (2019). I request this information in as much detail as possiblee.g. broken down:oby location (town, area) within the DHB

o by age, gender and vaccine

I also request any copies of:

• Reports, initiatives, discussion papers, advice, plans or policies created or received by your DHB around vaccination rates (for example: plans for how to address declines in rates,discussion of any communities that are hotspots for anti-vaxxers, etc.)

This includes complaints or alerts of any active anti-vaccination communities or individuals.


Our response is attached


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