Requested by: Investigative Journalist | Response provided: 16/04/2019
Category: Medical,Mental Health

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, dated 21 March 2019.

You requested the following information:

1. What is the number of hospital admissions for opioid use, abuse or overdose, annually, since 2015 in your region?

• Could you please provide me, if possible, with the age, ethnicity and sex for each of these patients?

2. Does the DHB provide any help for those addicted to opioids, such as recovery programmes?

If so,

• Could you please provide details of these programmes, as well as the current number of people enrolled in your region?

3. Does the DHB keep records of opiate prescription rates, (i.e. how many times opiates are being prescribed on an annual basis in your region)?

4. If so,

•Can you please provide me with the number of times opiates are prescribed on an annual basis since 2015?

•Could you please include which opiates are being prescribed?

You further clarified with us that you wanted data for both opioid and opiate substances combined in the response.


Our response is attached

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