Requested by: Radio NZ | Response provided: 09/05/2019
Category: Buildings

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, dated 08 April 2019. You requested the following information:

1. Any Engineering Report from July 2018 till 5 April 2019 that provides information aroundthe NBS (new building standard) rating of:

a.Galbraith building

b.Western Campus

c.Any other building where there currently is high or medium concern re seismic issues (percategorisation in Dec 2017 Remediation Works document).

2. An update of the Dec 2017 Remediation Works document chart that lists facilities by high,medium and low concern, and re seismic, asbestos etc. issue.

3. Any ‘Executive Summary’ or similar about remediation works of any CM Health facilities for thissame period.

a.The latest totals of forecasts or budgets of what total facilities remediation will cost bothshort-term and long-term.

b.The most up-to-date timeline for recladding any and all leaky buildings.

4. The most up-to-date cost estimates for that recladding.

5. Any and all briefings or advisories or memos about progress or problems on the Scott buildingre-clad.

While there are a few requests here, they are mostly for discrete documents or straightforward information about, say, costs.


our response is attached


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