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Category: Contracts,Ministry of Health

I write in response to your Official Information Act requests, transferred to us by the Ministry of Health under section 14 of the Act, and received on 17 April.

You requested the following information in two requests to the Ministry of Health, and as they are related and received by us on the same day, we are responding to both of these together:

Request 1:

All information regarding funding, contracts, communications, applications for funding, contracts, provision of services and all other matters, made to the Ministry of Health or any of its subsidiaries, including District Health Boards, to an organisation known as 'Nga Hau E Wha',

o Including a copy of the contract number 356272/00 - Management and co-ordination of Nga Hau E Wha (NHEW), and all previous contracts with this organisation.

• I further request all information held by the Ministry of Health, or any of its subsidiaries, including District Health Boards, regarding the Chairperson (or former Chairperson) Victoria Roberts, and others associated with NHEW, including Jak Wild and Tui Taurua Peihopa 

o In particular, any and all communication with Tui Taurua Peihopa or anyone from the organisation NHEW regarding the letter sent to her in about June last year, regarding her misleading claim to being a "clinician".

Request 2:

Also all information regarding the employment of Tui Taurua at Middlemore Hospital and "Tiaho Mai" - she is claiming that her employers at Tiaho Mai Middlemore "called [her] a clinician”.


Our response is attached


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