Requested by: NZ Herald | Response provided: 02/06/2019
Category: Medical,Surgical,Contracts,Equipment

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, dated 27 May 2019. You requested the following information:

Some information around un-returned/ overdue medical equipment:

1.How many items are in use in the community currently (end of May 2019)?

oHow much are they worth?

2.How many of those are overdue?

oHow much are those items worth?

3.What sort of items do they include?

4.What item is most commonly un-returned?

5.What is the most expensive piece of equipment, which is currently overdue?

oHow much is it worth?

6.How can someone return items they are no longer using?

7.Would people face a penalty when returning overdue items?

We note that an initial response was provided to you on 22 May 2019, via the CM Health Communications Team (attached). You indicated that you were still interested in:

"Some of the figures I have asked for (particularly, how many items are overdue at the moment, and how much they are worth)?"


Our response is attached


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