Requested by: private/ individual | Response provided: 16/07/2019
Category: Women's Health,Hospital Capacity

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, dated 20 June 2019, which we received on transfer from the Dept of Internal Affairs, under Section 14 of the Act. You requested the following information relating to Maternity Services provided by the Counties Manukau DHB.

1) What is the cost per primary birth in the provider arm?

2) What is the cost per 48 hours postnatal stay in the provider arm?

3) What was the cost to re-commission the old ward?

4) What was the cost to orientate the staff to operate the post-natal ward?

5) Do they have a midwifery case-load team?

6) What is the average length of post-natal stay for primary births (June 2018 to May 2019 inclusive)?


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