Requested by: TVNZ - Sunday Programme | Response provided: 23/07/2019
Category: Medical,Hospital Capacity

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, received by us on 25 June 2019. You requested the following information regarding wait times for cancer treatment.

1) Have any people been harmed as a result of oncology and / or radiation wait-times?

a) If so, how many?

2) Are there any reports that indicate and / or detail harm to patients as a result of oncology service wait-times or radiation wait times?

a) Can you supply those report(s)?

3) Have any reports been provided indicating patients are being compromised by wait-times to access first treatment of first specialist appointment (FSA)?

a) Can you supply those reports?

4) Have any of your staff raised concerns about the adverse effects on patients due to waiting times?


Our response is attached


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