Requested by: NZ Herald | Response provided: 27/07/2018
Category: Medical,Surgical,Emergency Care,Mental Health,Waiting Times


I write in response to your Official Information Act request, dated 20 June 2018. You requested the following information regarding wait times in the public health system, and we have answered each of the questions below:

With respect, I request the following information under the terms of the Official Information Act 1982:

  • What is the average waiting time, as well as longest and shortest individual wait times, for an initial appointment with the following specialists – oncologists, neurologists, cardiologists and gynaecologists – over the last six months?
  • What percentage of patients arriving at the emergency department are admitted, discharged or transferred within six hours - over the last six months and the last six weeks?
  • What percentage of hospital beds were occupied for each of the last six months?
  • What percentage of people referred to mental health services were seen within three weeks? What was the average, longest and shortest wait times? Could this be broken down into age groups 0-19 years, 19-64 years and 65+ years over the last six months?
  • What was the average wait for elective surgery over the last year? What were the shortest and longest wait times? 

The information sought in this request is to be used as part of a report into waiting times for public health services in New Zealand.

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