Requested by: Private/ individual | Response provided: 08/08/2019
Category: Information Technology,Corporate

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, received by us, on transfer from the Ministry of Health under section 14 of the Act on 11 July 2019. You noted the following, and requested information on the use of Electronic Health Records:

I am researching the impact of information technology investment in health across New Zealand, in regards to its impact on access and equity of access to health care. This is with the hypothesis that integrated electronic health records support and promote access to essential health care for the New Zealand population. To achieve this, I shall be taking advantage of discontinuities in the stages at which General Practices and District Health Boards have implemented electronic health records.

As such, I am requested whether each respective DHB and GP have implemented an electronic health record.

• For ease of the request, I have attached a template with the required information.


Our response is attached


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