Requested by: Union (ASMS) | Response provided: 12/08/2019
Category: Public Health Services

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, received by CM Health on 12 July 2019, via transfer from TAS Wellington under section 14 of the Act.

You requested the following information:

All data from July 2016 (monthly or, if not readily available, quarterly) to the latest available:

1. Elective surgery discharges (case weights and actual number) *

2. Planned (funded) elective surgery discharges (case weights) *

3. Elective medical discharges (case weights and actual number) *

4. Planned (funded) elective medical discharges (case weights) *

5. Acute case weight discharges *

6. Acute case weights planned (funded) *

7. Number and % of patients with a confirmed cancer diagnosis receive their first cancer treatment (or other management) within 31 days of a decision to treat.

8. Number and % of patients referred urgently with a high suspicion of cancer receive their first treatment (or other management) within 62 days of the referral being received by the hospital.

9. Number and % of accepted referrals for CT scans receiving procedures within 42 days.

10. Number and % of accepted referrals for MRI scans receiving procedures within 42 days

11. Number and % of ED patients discharged or treated, within 6 hours

12. Number of presentations to ED

*This data should include any Inter District Flow activity delivered by the DHB for people who are domiciled in other DHBs. The purpose behind the data is to assess whether the DHB provider arm is delivering to the budgeted (funded) volumes.


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