Requested by: Private/ Individual | Response provided: 22/08/2019
Category: Contracts,Public Health Services

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, received by us on 8 August 2019, via transfer from the Ministry of Health, under section 14 of the Act. You noted the following information related to School-based Nursing Services, and asked a series of questions. Three of the questions were transferred to us by the Ministry for responses:

The Ministry of Health recommends the following minimum ratios:

  • One full-time equivalent (FTE) Registered Nurse (RN) to 750 students in decile 1-3 secondaryschools.
  • One FTE RN to 200 students in high needs contexts, such as alternative education units.
  • RN attendance for a minimum of one day per week in term time.


1.How many schools have taken up these recommendations?

a.Where are the schools that have taken up the recommendations?

b.Are you able to name the schools that have taken up the recommendations?

Our response is attached


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