Requested by: Radio NZ | Response provided: 02/09/2019
Category: Buildings

I write in response to your official Information Act request, originally requested on 8 April 2019. As part of your wider request for information for facilities remediation, you requested the following information:

Any Engineering Report from 1 July 2018 till 5 April 2019 that provides information around the NBS (new building standard) rating of 

  • Galbraith building
  • Western campus
  • Any other building where there currently is high or medium concerns re seismic issues (per categorisation in Dec 2017 Remediation Works document).

We have interpreted Engineering report to relate to independent expect worked commissioned by the DHB in the period, related to assessments by NBS.

In our decision document on 8 May 2019 we noted that no further reports had been initiated on the Galbraith building, and withheld further information and related briefs on this process for other CM Health facilities because the information would be published soon, within two months of our decision.

On 28 June 2019 we wrote to advise you that we were awaiting receipt of the completed full suite of specialist assessments (DSA Reports) commissioned from Beca for the identified buildings, to enable full consideration of future options. We advised we were now expecting to publish the information by late August.


Our further response is now attached.

Further media statements on this matter are available on our website


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