Requested by: Stuff | Response provided: 27/08/2019
Category: Corporate

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, dated 30 July 2019. You requested the following information, and our responses are below:

  • 1. How many communications / PR staff did you employ (FTE) for the years ending June 30 2014, and 2019?
  • 2. How many communications / PR people did you employ (FTE) on contract for the years ending June 30 2014 and 2019?
  • 3. How much was your communications / PR budget for the years ending June 30 2014, and 2019?
  • 4. What proportion of the communications / PR budget was spent on outside comms/ PR consultants or contractors?
  • 5. How many media enquiries did you receive for the years ending June 2014, and 2019?
  • 6. What is your target turnaround time for media enquiries?
  • 7. How often did you meet the target response time last year?
  • 8. What proportion of time did your communications / PR team spend on responding to media enquiries last year?
  • 9. How many live (in person, or by phone) media interviews did your Chief Executive do last year?
  • 10. If you have a policy or guidelines on how communications / PR staff should respond to media enquiries, please provide a copy.
  • 11. How many of your current communications / PR employees are former journalists?
  • 12. What is the range of salaries paid to your communications / PR staff from lowest to highest?

our response is attached


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