Requested by: Cancer Society NZ | Response provided: 18/10/2019
Category: Medical,Waiting Times

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, dated 03 October 2019 seeking information on Lymphoedema Services. You requested the following information, and responses for CM Health are below:

  1. Does your DHB currently have a specified lymphoedema services?
  2. What services are provided for patients with lymphoedema in your DHB?
  3. How much funding is allocated for lymphoedema services within your DHB annually?
    1. a. Also, please include % of total budget.
    2. b. Please provide information for the last 3-5 years.
  4. How many FTEs are allocated in your DHB for lymphoedema therapists?
  5. How many lymphoedema therapist position vacancies have you had over the past year?
  6. Does this service provide publicly funded lymphoedema services for cancer patients/ survivors?
  7. What are the eligibility criteria to access lymphoedema service for cancer patients/ survivors in your DHB?
  8. Please list lymphoedema services/ procedures available/ offered for cancer patients/ survivors in your DHB - including education and early signs detection.
  9. Is there a funded provision for compression garments in your DHB?
    1. a. If so, please specify what provision is funded.
    2. b. How many sets of compression garments per year?
  10. How can cancer patients/survivors access lymphoedema services in your DHB? a. Do they need a referral and who can provide the referral?
  11. What is the average waiting time for cancer patients/ survivors to access lymphoedema services within your DHB?
  12. If you currently provide a lymphoedema service, what is the current waiting list status in your DHB?
    1. a. How many people are currently awaiting appointments?
    2. b. How many days is the waiting list currently at?
  13. Is there a protocol on pre and post-surgery lymphoedema surveillance in your DHB, and if so could you please provide it?


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