Requested by: Radio NZ | Response provided: 27/11/2019
Category: Mental Health,Workforce Development

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, dated 30 October 2019.

You requested the following information:

1.What training do all frontline staff (those who deal directly with patients, across all sectors of health); have for providing culturally appropriate services to people from the Asian community?

2.How many people from the Asian community seek mental health services, or support for mental health at the Counties Manukau DHB, each year for the last five years?

a.How long is the current waiting list (if there is one)?

3.How many clinical staff, (i.e. trained professionals) does the Counties Manukau DHB have to provide fully culturally appropriate Asian mental health services,

a.Can I have this broken down into the different Asian groups?

4.How many cultural advisors does the Counties Manukau DHB have,

a.Can I have this broken down into different Asian groups?

5.How many complaints has the Counties Manukau DHB received about the lack of culturallyspecific services for Asian people in the last five years?

a.Can I have this broken down by each year?


Our response is attached.



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