Requested by: Auckland District Law Society | Response provided: 31/08/2018
Category: Mental Health


I write in response to your Official Information Act request, which we received on 07 August 2018, as partial transfer of request submitted to the Ministry of Health, and transferred to DHBs under section 14 of the OIA.

The Ministry of Health has already provided information directly to you on several of your initial questions, but transferred the following six questions to all DHBs for responses regards mental health patients and DHB procedures regarding service user care and leave from Acute Mental Health units.

1.How do Units monitor where patients are at all times?

2.Are there sign in / out procedures used at all facilities?

3.What are the definitions for locked, flexi and open wards?a.Are these definitions used consistently?

4.Can involuntary patients be on open wards?

5.If patients do not return to the unit when they are supposed to, what is the protocol?

6.If patients are on escorted leave, and somehow get away from their escort, what is the policy?

The responses from our Counties Manukau Mental Health Services to each question are attached


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