Requested by: NZ Doctor | Response provided: 21/08/2018
Category: Corporate

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, received by us on 31 July 2018. You requested the following information:

1. Details of the process which is undertaken at your DHB to decide which items on an agenda are discussed with the public excluded.

2. Who is ultimately responsible for making the decision on the agenda?

3. Who makes the decision as to which clause of the OIA applies to a decision to exclude the public?

4. Copies of any written policies on the process for deciding which issues should be discussed with the public excluded

You also indicated you were interested in:

• The extent to which Board members meet to discuss issues outside of the normal board/ committee meeting structure.

• Does your board routinely meet in advance of the board/ committee meeting and, if so, for how long?

• Does your board hold regular meetings aside from the mandated board and board committee meetings - if so, how often and for how long?


Our response is attached


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