Requested by: Stuff | Response provided: 23/03/2020
Category: Hospital Capacity,Ministry of Health

I write in response to your two Official Information Act requests, received by us on 25 February.

You requested the following information, and given these were received on the same day, and related to the same event, we are responding to both requests here:

Request 1:

The direct costs to the DHB relating to the Whakaari/White Island incident:

-broken down by total figure;

-A breakdown of where the costs were lost from, (including but not exclusive to: cancellingelective surgeries, having to reschedule outpatient appointments, equipment needed,additional staffing hours)

Request 2:

The number of elective surgeries/ procedures which were;




Directly related to the White Island incident, between December 9 2019, and February 1 2020.

As well as outlining the total figure impacted during this time period, can you please break this down by outcome (as indicated above), and what department they were under, (for example: cardiology, gynaecology)?

Please also answer the following:

•Is the DHB still feeling the impacts of the pressure on services as a result of the event?

•If so, where is this being experienced most acutely (i.e. were there particular departmentsmost impacted by the event, and its fallout)?

•Have delays or amendments to elective surgeries impacted wait lists? How was this being mitigated?


Our response is below


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