Requested by: private/ individual | Response provided: 06/03/2020
Category: Contracts,Ministry of Health,Eligibility for Services

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, received by us on 18 March 2020. You requested the following information.

1. The NASC manual for older person’s health

2. The interRAI Assessment tool, including accompanying guidelines/ documents

3. The funding bands for Older Person's Health and the percentage of clients expected to be in each band (please itemise if variable between regions)

4. The number of over 65's years receiving long term HCSS in each region (please record personal care and household management separately)

o 1-10 hours, 11-20 hours, 21-30 hours, 31-40 hours, 40+ hours


Parts 1 and 4 of your request have been transferred to us by the Ministry of Health, who have responded to you on the other request elements.


Our response is attached



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