Requested by: Media Works | Response provided: 05/06/2020
Category: Surgical,Hospital Capacity

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, initially submitted as a media query. On 27 February 2020, we notified you that the extent of data sought would require us to manage the request under OIA processes. On 28 February, you clarified your request to include the following information:

• In the past 12 months, in terms of surgery that has been classified as "urgent" by the DHB, how many patients have been told they would need to wait 20 weeks, 30 weeks or 40 weeks or more for their procedure?

a) Please provide a breakdown to show the figures of the number of patients for each waiting time estimation.

b) When referring to "surgery", I'm seeking information on waiting times for general surgery, urology, gynaecology, ophthalmology or neurology.

• Please provide a breakdown to show the corresponding wait times for each of these surgical specialities. 

Thank you for your understanding of our need to defer further work on this OIA response in March 2020 due to COVID-19 response priorities.

Our response is attached



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