Requested by: Stuff | Response provided: 02/07/2020
Category: Mental Health

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, received by us on 03 June 2020. You requested the following information.

  1. What medical tests are administered to a patient before they are admitted to the mental health ward?
  2. What mandatory medical checks are carried out in the Emergency Department before a patient is transferred to the mental health ward?
  3. How are the checks monitored/ checklist carried out?
  4. Which symptoms must a patient present with for an MRI scan on their brain to be ordered?
  5. In the past four years,
    1. How many patients admitted to the mental health unit have subsequently been diagnosed with a brain tumour?
  6. Of these patients,
    1. What was the period between their first admittance date to the mental health unit, and their brain tumour diagnosis?
  7. Of these patients,
    1. How many died as a result of their diagnosis?
    2. How many survived their diagnosis?
  8. What is the percentage of brain tumour patients dying in hospital (without specialist care) while waiting for treatment?
  9. We understand that while waiting for treatment, brain tumour patients are sent to the hospital zoned by the suburb they live in, even though there are no neurosurgeons in that particular hospital and despite families objecting to the transfer.
    1. Could confirm if this is correct, and if so, why this policy is in place?
  10. In the past four years, how many patients and/or families have lodged complaints with the DHB about a delayed brain tumour diagnosis? 


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