Requested by: Stuff | Response provided: 31/08/2020
Category: Women's Health,Mental Health

I write in response to your Official Information Act request received by us 22 July 2020, requesting the following information:

Wait times for perinatal depression assessments or programmes at the DHB have increased post the coronavirus lockdown. Mothers Helpers, an organisation that works to prevent perinatal depression and anxiety, who says the number of referrals has doubled again since lockdown began. Wait times for an assessment are about a month and women have to wait three months to take part in an online programme.

Can answers to the following questions please be attributed:

  1.  Is this something Counties Manukau DHB is experiencing in maternal mental health?
  2. What have wait times been in the last year? Can figures please be provided.
  3. Have these increased since lockdown? Can figures please be provided.
  4. Have the number of referrals increased since lockdown? Can figures please be provided. Can the number of referrals in the last year also be provided.
  5. Can the DHB confirm funding for maternal mental health is determined by the board, who are influenced by the CEO?
  6. How does the DHB therefore respond to comment maternal mental health is low on the DHBs list of priorities?

 Any further information or statement would be helpful.


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